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Starting from the passion of packaging and printing technologies, along with determination to improve domestic market’s printing quality, Minh Phuong Joint Stock Company was established in 2006 and underwent many transformations by building new factory, continuously investing in advanced machinery, catching up with new trends to create breakthroughs in packaging, quickly updating world-leading accurate processes and technologies. 2012 marked a significant development when Minh Phuong obtained GMI (Graphic Management International) certificate that qualifies the company to export to the United States market.

“Accurate - Vibrant - Original”

Understanding the great influence of one product’s image and packaging on consumer's belief and buying decision, Minh Phuong has set the perfection of packaging quality to be the core criterion in its business operation. Thanks to that, the Company’s products always meet the increasingly demanding requirements of packaging market from creative designs, vibrant printing colors, to suitable paper quality for each product, durable, non-toxic and environmental-friendly printing ink.

The Company also attaches special importance to production consulting services, helping clients to create unique and efficient products in high quality. With great attention and supervision in each finished product, Minh Phuong is a prestigious and sustainable partner of many domestic and international enterprises.

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