Certificate GMI |
ISO - 12647


At Minh Phuong JSC, what you expect is what you get. There are no surprises and no requests for a compromise. We are among the best, if not the best, offset printer in Viet Nam with a good understanding of western print requirements.
Upon receipt of an order, every package undergoes a comprehensive planning review that starts with design and concludes with packaging production. We know that good planning helps to eliminate any production problems.
- Design: Efficient and effective to meet marketing goals and customer, factory manufacturing requirements.
- Structure: Consistent throughout production and exactly to customer expectations.
- Color: Consistent brand colors true to customer expectations
The process of printing tobacco packaging demands high standards and consistency. Therefore, a limited selection of the highest quality papers, foils, and inks are available to comply with customer standards and requirements. It is crucial that specific raw materials be used, only paper that meets industry standards will preserve the cigarette's fragrance. Similarly, only inks that fulfill the food safety and environmental regulations are used so they will not affect the taste of the cigarette. Prior to final shipment, our printed packaging will be subjected to a rigid quality review. Adhering to very specific quality requirements allow our products to be uniform, consistent and highly appealing.

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